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Heated Cramp Belt

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Ladies, if you suffer from period cramps, then you need our heated cramp belt (HCB)
This heated cramp belt has a massage and heat feature that does not only reduce your cramps but resolve them within minutes of use.


With HCB you are able to go about your daily activities painlessly without having your period cramps being an obstacle in your daily life.

Imagine having a private, warm massager just for your cramps. HCB combines heat and massage therapy to provide instant and effective relief.

How it works:
Place your heated cramp belt around your waist towards your uterus then place your power bank into the holder. Connect the HCB wire to the power bank. Switch on the power & adjust to your preferred temperature. ( 45℃, 55℃, 65℃). You can also switch on the massage button for a gentle massage while at it.